Women in Wellness – 2014

Our Guest Speaker of the Evening:

Jan Porter“… sharing sacred ancestral wisdom for soul transformation …”
  Jan Porter is a published author currently residing in beautiful rural Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. www.inspiredsoulworks.com.
Books Published: “Soul Skin” & “Sacred Space, body mind soul after sexual abuse” www.amazon.com, “Sharing” www.onethousandtrees.com, “Peaceful Warrior, Annish’s journey” & “Life After Abuse, survivor paths to wholeness”
www.moosehidebooks.com & www.indigo.ca.

Come join us as we hear Jan speak on “Sacred Space ~ body, mind, soul after sexual abuse.”

Your body, mind and soul are Sacred Space. Shifting wounds into wisdom and loving life, is the art of inspired transformation. The journey out of the pain of sexual abuse to wholeness is in boldly allowing insights and inspiration to bring forth authentic empowerment, fulfillment and inner peace. Sacred Space offers insights and resources from those who have been there and bounced back better than before. The power of your ancestors and the magic of the cosmos is in your DNA!

*more about Jan’s work: www.inspiredsoulworks.com.

*Connect on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/LifeAfterAbuseSurvivorPathsToWholeness.

*Ebook and hard copy available on Kindle/Amazon.


Healing Circle Meditation Class

Healing Circle Meditation This event is hosted by the Marmora Healing Circle Meditation Class.  We meet each Tuesday evening 7pm until 8:30 pm at 52 Victoria Avenue, Marmora. We have a different topic each evening which we discuss then join together in a group guided meditation. Thank you to the members who are volunteering and assisting in this event. Follow us on Facebook to learn the topic of the evening, events we are involved in and more!  Don’t forget to “like” the page!

Country Cuisine Catering

country cuisine Pam Meiklejohn prides herself  on Professional Customer Service  In addition everything is homemade using family recipes.   With over 15 years experience in the Food & Hospitality Industry, she strives to make your occasion perfect. Let her help you create the perfect menu for your event. No job is too big or small and your guests will never walk away hungry! She accommodates all special diets and offers Event Planning as well! She also offers Delivery Service. So sit back relax and let her do all the dishes! You can also check out Pam and Erin Derry-Bertrand at the Country Cuisine Cafe, Marmora for delicious meals sure to please your palate.

The Cafe will be the food supplier for this event so you will be able to spend lots of time at the Women in Wellness as you enjoy a light snack or your dinner! Why not make it a complete day and evening, taking in every moment of this wonderful day?  find out more on their facebook page.

Mindful Journey

mindful journey business card finished

Janice Chrysler Janice Chrysler

As a Spiritual Growth Facilitator, Janice brings to the community her experience and training as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Life Passage Officiant (weddings, baptisms, memorial services) as well as a respected author for several online magazines. Her love of teaching has taken her to developing various workshops aimed at personal growth and development. Stop by her table and learn about all the services she offers.  While there, take a few moments to unwind as you sit comfortably, wrapped in a Nikken blanket and listen to a Relaxation Hypnosis.  It will be the best 12 mins of your day! There will be CD’s and other products for sale.  Check out Mindful Journey website www.mindfuljourney.ca

Infinity Magazine

InfinityMagazineCollaboratorsLogo Darcelle_pic_for_web  Darcelle Runciman is an internationally recognized Business Facilitator & Coach, a Speaker and co–author of the Canadian Best seller, The Power of Women United.

A Spiritual person from childhood, she left the corporate world to focus on her true passion of helping others. She has dedicated years to coaching over 300 business owners to success though balancing their strengths, their spirit, and creating action, while increasing their profits.

Twice nominated as Business Women of the year in 2010 /11, Darcelle has coached and facilitated the growth and development in all levels of business. Her experience includes writing for various magazines, online forums, co-creator of an online global wellness resource, and regularly in local business columns. Darcelle once hosted her own radio show Inspired Business Radio.

Also an ardent student of metaphysics, intuition and spirituality, Darcelle has created courses and teaches the advantages of finding opportunities in adversity. Her altruistic nature keeps her involved in Kiva (micro loans), various charity events.

Darcelle is a dedicated Motivational Speaker, Inspired Business Leader and Writer specializing in finding your passion and making it work for you. www.infinitymagazine.ca & www.DarcelleRunciman.com

Linda Horn Media

Linda Horn Linda Horn

Linda Horn is a passionate photographer who first discovered her love of photography at 10-years-old when she borrowed her father’s camera. Standing behind her grandmother’s house she was fascinated how she could capture the beauty of the flowers that surrounded her.

As she got older she put her passion aside to focus on more practical work and her family. Over the years she couldn’t hide her passion any longer and decided to attend the Photojournalism program at Loyalist College.

Since graduating she has won the Winner of the 2011 Kingston Whig Standard Typographical Award for excellence in writing, editing, photography, and production skills. She has been published in newspapers all over Ontario. Her photography is now in demand for  news sources, corporate clients, wedding, events, and portraits.

Linda takes the time to find the spirit of person in her photos. For her photographs should be timeless and something for generations to enjoy.https://www.facebook.com/lritceyhorn

Come see Linda at the Goddess Photo Booth!

Touch of Energy

Kim Bosch   Kim B

Kim Bosch is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Healing Circle Meditation Facilitator and Energy Healing/Chakra Balancing Practitioner.  Kim’s passion is to guide others to be the best that they can be, in body, mind and spirit. It is her goal to help her clients awaken to their own healing energy and show them how to shift their vibrational energy frequencies to enable them to attract more abundance, joy and balance into their lives. By combining successful coaching processes with a variety of energy shifting techniques, meditations and herbal products, she empowers her clients in their journey to create the life they deserve and desire.

To awaken your transformation contact Kim at: touchofenergy.bosch@gmail.com

The Yoga Factory & Porcupine Creek Farms

                         porcupine creek farmsyoga factoryKaren C

Karen Caruana of Porcupine Creek Farm makes herbal body products using all-natural ingredients. Products include lip balm, natural insect repellent, natural sunscreen, and various herbal salves.  Karen also offers yoga classes at The Yoga Factory, the renovated former cheese factory on their property, just 8 km south of Marmora. Why not check this location out on facebook?

Back to Health

 Danella Danella Hesler Danella Hesler D.N.M., M.T.T Over the past 15 years in Hastings County Danella has taught  the Mitzvah Technique to a large number of students, 5 of whom have graduated. This makes Hastings County now equal to Toronto for practicing Mitzvah Teachers. Mitzvah was just the beginning of a learning experience that is still in progress. She has received a Doctorate of Natural Medicine in 2007. Danella continues to takes courses in homeopathy, Radionics, and a diverse variety of energy work. Stop by her table and find out more! http://mitzvah.ca/index.php

Milica Jelenic

Milica Jelenic Milica Jelenic has been doing intuitive readings using various tools such as tarot, tea leaves, and psychometry for over 15 years with the public.  During this time she has done readings in corporate and private settings.  Some of the corporate clients she has worked with at various events include CTV, CBC, Eatons, Holt Renfrew to name a few. She also works privately doing readings over the phone and in person.

Milica’s capacity for perceiving energy is very potent and has developed into various healing arts over the last 2 decades.  In 1997 Milica was initiated in the Usui system of Reiki and has since become a Reiki Master.  This basis for hands on energy work led her to gain an interest in other systems of energy work that are available.  In 2012 Milica was trained in the BARS from Access Consciousness and is now certified to facilitate BARS and Body Processes classes from Access Consciousness. Bars has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body, and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationship, anxiety, stress and so much more! This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change! How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be?
Milica is also a Mitzvah Technique teacher and studied under Danella Hesler.

Hemp oil soaps & body products and Gourmet Foods

LauraneLaurane Schofield (Reiki Master & reflexologist) Handmade in Marmora using no chemicals, animal products or synthetics, Mahonia’s offers a variety of hemp oil soaps, body products and gourmet foods. Her products make you feel good, are healthy and gentle on the environment and offer minimal packaging.

Mahonia’s also offers the following products: Skedaddle Natural Pest Repellent(for people & dogs), Tea Tree Remedy, Scented Body Oils, Face & Body Salves, Skin Serum, Skin Repair Serum, Baby Bum Balm, Natural Sunscreen & Suntan Oil, Shaving Soaps & natural shaving brushes, Furniture Conditioner.
613-472-5989 mahonia@persona.ca

Thirteen Moons

LouiseLouise Racine, owner of Thirteen Moons Culinary Wellness Retreat near Norwood, is a certified nutritional practitioner, educator and cookbook author.  Since 2001, Thirteen Moons has been a safe, affordable and comfortable space for women who are seeking respite from the stress and commitments of their lives, to be the person cared for rather than the caregiver or to learn more about the importance of self-care.  http://thirteenmoons.ca/

Zhii Healing Arts Studio

 GayleGayle Crozmas-Brown /Sherab  Dorjee  -­  Bonpo

Energy  Healer  -­  Drummer  &  Drum  Maker  –  Author  –  Artist  -­  Throat  Singer

Gayle  Crosmaz-­‐Brown  operates  Zhii  Healing  Arts  Studio  in  down  town  Peterborough,  ON  where  her  healing  sessions,  workshops,  classes  and  drum  ceremonies  are  held.  At  he  same  location  you  will  find  Gayle’s  metaphysical  shop,  Sacred  Wisdom  International  Marketplace.  The  shop  is  a  collective  of  12  artists  creating  and  selling  spiritual  products  for  growing,  meditating  and  healing.    At  her  shop  Gayle  teaches  Higher  Consciousness  Art  class,  sells  her  spiritually  inspired  paintings  and  drums.  Gayle’s  handcrafted  and  painted  shamanic  drums  also  sell  on  the  international  market  with  orders  spreading  around  the  world.

In  the  beginning  of  2013  Gayle’s  published  memoirs  “Challenges  of  Wakening  –  Living  Parables”  recounts  her  life  as  she  remembers  the  source  of  her  Higher  Self.  As  her  life  story  unfolds  she  shares  her  awakening  to  universal  knowledge.  Beginning  with  a  near  death  experience  at  birth  she  traverses  numerous  conflicts  and  challenges,  transmuting  them  into  positive  beliefs.

In  the  end  of  2013  Gayle  released  her  drum  meditation  and  throat  singing  CD  “Walking  the  Path  of  the  Ancients.”  The  intentions  set  while  recording  this  CD  was  for  relaxation  and  calming  as  well  as  healing  emotional  issues.  Releasing  emotional  stresses  allows  the  physical  body  to  heal  itself.  Gayle  has  also  been  successfully  connecting  with  the  higher  conscious  of  the  Alzheimer’s  and  Autistic  mind  using  drum  meditation  and  sound  therapy.  The  vibration  of  sound  waves  connect  with  the  deeper  part  of  all  life…………including  yours.

Location:  Citi-­‐Centre,  303  Aylmer  Street,  Peterborough

Phone:  705-­‐559-­‐5951     Email:  zhiihealingarts@gmail.com

Web  Sites:

Sacred  Wisdom  International  Marketplace  –  www.sacredwisdominternational.webs.com

Zhii  Healing  Arts  Studio  –  www.zhii.webs.com

Reiki 2 You

DawnDawn's_photo Dawn Beckford is a Reiki Master and Access Bars Practitioner. She has had an interest in alternative healing most of her life. After developing a life threatening illness in 1997 she began exploring meditation for healing. After recovering she continued learning hands-on healing which lead to the study of Reiki Dawn lives and practices near Marmora Ontario. She is also a committee member for the Hastings County Wellness Group.

The Willows of Meyers Creek

JocelineJocelyne Granger offers the Mitzvah Technique out of her studio in Trenton, The Willows of Myers Creek.  She is also a Certified Life Style Consultant as she makes use of an IMRS (Intelligent Magnetic Resonance System) in her studio. Jocelyne has studied Tai Chi and Chi Kung under Sifu Robert Walther for the last 20 years and is also an instructor of both these Arts.

Jocelyne was born and raised in Québec. She pursued Commercial Studies in Riviére du Loup, QC. She then held administrative and accounting positions in the private sector and worked in the Public Service for 25 years.

Her journey into Wellness started in 1975 with the study of Yoga and has been ongoing since. In 1987, she went through a very dramatic experience which then was considered a “burn out” by the medical establishment. For her, this was a call for radical changes. She describes her experience as a Spiritual one. With the help and support of some amazing colleagues and her family, she began to recover but as a very different person. She undertook studies in classical guitar. She began to study Tai Chi and Chi Kung, then proceeded to study the Martial Arts of Chito Riu Karate and Jiu Jitsu to eventually become an instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts. Then came the study of the Mitzvah Technique: She is very much an advocate of life-long learning.

“Rarely have I met an instructor who is more genuinely caring about her students than Sifu Jocelyne Granger. With her significant experience in Tai Chi and Chi Kung, she is able to adapt the material she teaches to the needs of the individual student – and do so with patience and gentleness.” – Robert Walther, Chief Instructor, Snow Tiger Martial Arts Association. www.thewillowsofmeyerscreek.ca

Heal all Skin

Heather Wells  Heather Wells brings you hand crafted skin treatments for conditions and every day care including first aid. Heather also does Astrology Charts to assist you on your life’s journey and well being. Check out her website http://healallskin.com/ then be sure to stop at her table and talk about tips for a good life!

valla business cardReiki by Valla Reid

Valla Reid is known to many as  an awesome hairstylist but did you know she is now just  as wonderful as a Reiki Master?  The “urban dictionary” describes a “HAIRAPIST” as one who cuts hair for a living, and after many years of hearing it all and providing advise, receives an honourary PHD in therapy.  So, after 25 years in hairapy and during a major life change, Valla started going to “Healing Circle Meditation Class” in Marmora.  She always knew that true beauty comes within, but a great hair -do had to help too so why not combine both? Valla often uses  crystals in her Reiki sessions as well, how awesome is that?

Terra Bryn Personal Prayer & Meditation Beads

catherine logoCatherine Catherine Staples

Crafted in gemstones & sterling silver, Catherine’s beautiful prayer & meditation beads are a tool to help you calm your over-extended, busy, modern mind – to help you focus, breathe, pray, or meditate. Her meditation beads are inspired by her love for the inherent beauty and energy of natural stones, a respect for the time honoured tradition of using prayer beads across cultures, and her own struggles to meditate and stay grounded and focused in this busy world.

Designed in neutral configurations of beads in sequences you can personalize, Catherine’s meditation beads provide you with a kinaesthetic tool to help you consciously take time out of your hectic every-day life to find a small space of stillness and inner awareness using prayer, meditation, affirmation, or breath.

Catherine sells her pocket prayer beads & meditation jewellery pieces to customers all over the world through her online store on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/terrabryn

A percentage of all sales is donated to an international agency with over seventy years experience supporting community based projects for the betterment of children’s lives around the world. www.terrabryn.com

Hastings County Wellness

logoHastings County Wellness is a member organization comprised of skilled practitioners committed to helping you achieve your wellness goals. Whether you need a getaway from the stresses of your life at a relaxing spa or you are searching for spiritual enlightenment, you will find your path to healing in Hastings County. Check out our booth to learn what we have to offer and how you can become a member. http://hcwellness.ca/

Compassionate Music Care

eileen business card eileen pic Eileen Quinn

eileen contact

Lyf  Works Divinely

business card 600 dpimarika

                                                                                                      Marika Hickman-Pearce

I always knew there was more to everyday existence than waking up, graduating, going to work, getting married, having babies, lather, rinse, repeat. So I began my journey in seeking and awakening. I have discovered how vitally important it is to Love Yourself First and foremost. When we do that, we become more fully present and aware, to contribute, create and love.

For about 12 years, I have been studying and practicing a variety of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology techniques, seeking certification in my favourite modalities. Find out how easy and joyous change can be using Emotion Code, Matrix Reimprinting and Access Consciousness Bars. I will be offering mini sessions in Emotion Code at Women in Wellness.

Connect with me through facebook: Lyf Works Divinely, or email lyfworksdivinely@gmail.com

Three Oaks Foundation:

three oaks logo with sub copy

Three Oaks was founded in 1986 and is a non profit agency which is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. We also receive generous donations and support from our local community which we are grateful for. The shelter has 16 beds and is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week. A variety of services are offered to women and children that include a 24-hour emergency crisis line, safety planning, outreach counselling and transitional/court support. The Outreach Children’s Program offers one to one counseling and groups to children that witness abuse. The Training and Education Program provides presentations and education on abuse and related topics to the community. Services are offered in Hastings & Prince Edward County. The shelter is located in Belleville Ontario.

Women’s Institute:

FWIO%20Logo%20pin    Judy Kupecz is the President of Hastings County Women’s Institute.

Women’s Institute is a group of vibrant like minded women who come together and work for the betterment of families, communities and the world. They are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian and nonracial organization that operates for the equal good of all citizens. Their programming moves them along the path to self and community awareness and growth. Women’s Institute lobbies government for the improved health, nutrition and safety in our homes and communities. They have lobbied for the painting of white lines on our highways, signs at railway crossings, funding for shelters for battered women and the list goes on…it is very long and ongoing.

Come join them and join in the fun or ask how you can start up a group near you.


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