Women in Wellness 2017


This event is hosted by the Healing Circle Spiritual Growth Class a division of Mindful Journey.  We meet on the second Tuesday evening of each month, 7 pm until 8:30 pm at 52 Victoria Avenue, Marmora. We have a different topic each evening which we discuss then join together in a group guided meditation. Thank you to the members who are volunteering and assisting in this event. Follow us on Facebook to learn the topic of the evening, events we are involved in and more!  Don’t forget to “like” the page!



We are honoured to have Dr. Tracy-Lynn as our guest speaker this year.

As a naturopathic doctor, speaker, coach, business owner and mom, Dr. Tracy-Lynn helps others create their own path to a healthy, balanced life full of passion and purpose.  For over 10 years, she has travelled internationally as a speaker, workshop facilitator and yoga teacher.  She has worked with hundreds of patients to take back control of their health and start living inspired, passionate and fulfilled lives that are in harmony with our environment.  Her sense of humour and diverse experience make her a sought after facilitator and speaker who’s mission is to help patients live lives that are abundant, fulfilled, balanced and inspired.

To learn more about Dr. Tracy-Lynn, be sure to stop by her table or go to her website https://drtracylynn.com/


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As a Spiritual Growth Facilitator, Rev. Janice  Chrysler,CH brings to the community her experience and training as a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master,ordained Metaphysical Minister and author . Rev. Janice has guided participants on a different meditation journey for over 13 years. This afternoon join with others and experience the peacefulness and power of group meditation.  No experience is necessary.  The only needed is an open heart and mind to share and receive light, love and healing.

Check out Mindful Journey website www.mindfuljourney.ca


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Laurane Bennett:

Reiki Master & Reflexologist                                                         

An exquisite selection of all natural soaps & body products made from the best ingredients & pure essential oils. No artificial ingredients, gentle enough for sensitive skin types. Rave reviews from many satisfied customers who keep coming back for more! Laurane sells her products at the Marmora Farmers Market from May till October, supplies customers directly as required and coming soon on line sales.

Contact: thepointnaturals@gmail.com



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Infinity Spirit brings together four passions under one umbrella called Infinity Spirit, “Living Life With Spirit.” Infinity Trips, Infinity Magazine, The Infinity Centre (webinars), and Infinity Store. All feeding into and giving back to humanity through charities, Infinity Spirit brings socially responsible brands and partners to bring you unique, beautiful products.

Every purchase you make at our Store helps women and children in need, by helping them get out of poverty, gain access to clean water, medical help and education, which helps them rid the stereotypes that limit their potential. You recognize the economic and social benefits of improving gender equality.

Owned by Rev. Darcelle Runciman & Kathryn Aunger



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Valla Reid is known to many as  an awesome hairstylist but did you know she is just  as wonderful as a Reiki Master?  The “urban dictionary” describes a “HAIRAPIST” as one who cuts hair for a living, and after many years of hearing it all and providing advise, receives an honourary PHD in therapy.  So, after 26 years in hairapy and during a major life change, Valla started going to “Healing Circle Meditation Class” in Marmora.  She always knew that true beauty comes within, but a great hair -do had to help too so why not combine both? She has also completed the Healing Circle Meditation Facilitators Course and Bars Course and continues to expand her spiritual growth. Valla often uses  crystals in her sessions as well, how awesome is that?

Her love and attraction to crystals has drawn her to design and create beautiful crystal malas and healing bracelets.  Be sure to stop by her table to see all her lovely creations.


Rebecca Drake –Intuitive Artist

Rebecca reveals more than the eye can see with the ability to illustrate the energies which surround an individual, a situation, an idea, whatever you desire to understand. A picture is worth a thousand words whether you’re new to the spiritual path and seeking validation or you’re looking for guidance for your next steps. Rebecca will be offering quick sketch portraits. A portion of the proceeds are to be donated to 3 Oaks Women’s Shelter.

email: rebatheswan@netscape.net



Colleen Lang loves to express herself through colour.  Her hand knit scarves and unique coiled baskets are a playful and unique demonstration of this passion.

Colleen’ Creative Creations email is colleen.e.lang@gmail.com.

joy.JPG faiery-house

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Come check out the array of Fairy Houses on the stage.  Joyce McCaw, Rolande Dressler, Colleen Lang, Shari Hartry share with you what brings them joy and invites you to rediscover some fun, laughter and joy in your life.

Nature helps us to connect with the electromagnetic field of MOTHER EARTH calming us through
– Trees – (quiet and strong)
– Rocks – (solid and beautiful, for crystals and jewellery)
– Fragrance – (light for skin products)
– Colour – (flowers and fabrics)
Girls just want to have fun by distributing Joy and Laughter




Shirley Moy will be offering mini readings for $20 during the Women in Wellness.  Here is her story in Shirley’s own words:
Hello! You’ve probably heard about me but just in case you haven’t, my name is
Shirley Moy.

“My spiritual journey began when I was  only 13. My grandmother had just passed away
and had visited me at the end of my bed. While having a conversation with her,
my  mother could hear me talking and wondered who I was talking to. Since then I have had many conversations with loved ones who have crossed over.

In the past years I have visited many spiritual churches such as Oshawa and
London, England. I have learned so much from each one.
There is so much gratitude with this “gift” that I have. I would love to share
this gift with you and give you messages from your loved ones.

I am looking forward to having a session with you!

Light and love, from Shirley Moy”

Phone 613-967-1473

email address georgestreet@sympatico.ca.

Karen Cyoga factoryporcupine creek farms

Karen Caruana of The Yoga Factory: In September 2012, Karen opened The Yoga Factory, a yoga studio located in the renovated former cheese factory on her property, just 8 km south of Marmora. She offers five different classes per week, as well as private classes. You will also find her volunteer-teaching chair yoga at the local retirement residence. Karen completed her 500-hour yoga teacher training in the discipline of Hatha Yoga in June 2015.

In addition to teaching yoga, Karen also makes herbal body products using all-natural ingredients. Her products are sold under the name Porcupine Creek Farm and include lip balm, natural insect repellent, natural sunscreen, and various herbal salves. Why not check out her studio Facebook?


Jordanna Dehond

Wands and Whimsy — artist statement
An education in counselling and art, combined with experience in many different mediums led Jordanna to create wands and spiritual items in ancient ways. For over twelve years the crystals and metals of the Earth have held her interest, and have taken her on a spiritual journey. More recently her path has shifted into healing after she felt led to become a reiki master. She has developed her own energy work modality using her wands and crystals. Intuitive soul coaching with chakra clearing and balancing is now her primary focus. When Jordanna is ordained later this year as a Metaphysical Minister she will incorporate her style into unique spiritual unions and weddings while continuing to teach, learn, coach, and create.

Be sure to visit her website www.wandsandwhimsy.ca



Jules Miles-Trustham of HeartFelt Jules finds great joy in making and being for betterment. Her wet and dry felting  ‘processes allow her to consciously connect with natural fibres using the age old art of textile making to inspire new creations; including mobiles, figures, drumming wands, gratitude hearts and felted soaps. Jules enjoys sharing her ‘craftivism’ with others through crafting parties for kids and adults -and creates most of her treasures by request. Be sure to contact Jules if there is something specific you want to have made for March!  heartfeltjules@yahoo.ca

Dance Our Way Home (or DOWH) is a gentle and healing movement practice. It has more recently entered Jules’ life and made a significant impact on her relationship with her physical body and spiritual self. She shares this joy during 2-hour long workshops of movement to music infused with spiritual elements of the divine feminine. During ‘Women in Wellness’ Jules will share the varied and vibrant mix of
Music she uses to connect to yourself and your community and will share her upcoming cycle of 5 element-based dance events that she will be hosting locally. Feel free to contact Jules for more information!

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Rev. Janice Chrysler of Mindful Journey – Spiritual Growth Facilitator

Janice is an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, Author, Certified Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Psychic Reader. Her love of teaching has taken her to developing various workshops aimed at spiritual growth and development. One example of this is her creation of the Healing Circle Spiritual Growth Class, which is held weekly from her Marmora home. She has long been an advocate for equal rights and freedom of choice which brought her to hosting this celebration of International Women’s Day with all the beautiful holistic and spiritual ladies in mind.

Stop by her table and learn about all the services she offers.  Rev. Janice will be offering mini intuitive readings for $20. As well, there will be her book, Make It Happen, guided meditation cds, oracle cards and her handmade incense for sale with a portion of all sales being donated to the Three Oaks Women’s Shelter.

To learn more visit www.mmindfuljourney.ca

email: janicechrysler@mindfuljourney.ca

Phone: 613-472-0341


Michelle LeRoy is a Kid’s Coaching Connection Life Coach, with an ACC accreditation through the International Coach Federation. She has worked with thousands of youth and their families for over 8 years. As a Kid’s Connection Coach she acknowledges and addresses the ‘WHOLE’ Child – body, mind and spirit and has coached both one-on-one and also in groups through schools and other organizations. Michelle has worked with children with a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, OCD and other special needs and challenges.

Also a Meditation Facilitator facilitating classes for both youth and adults for over 8 years, Michelle is a Highly Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor and Energy Medicine Practitioner and encompasses a variety of complementary therapies into her work as required. She is able to serve clients worldwide with Skype and over the phone and has worked with Highly Sensitive Children and their families worldwide, Australia, Mexico, the UK, and all across Canada and the US as well.

Michelle has also been a Young Living Essential Oils Independent Member since 2009 and became a Distributor in 2012 once she realized how they could enhance and nicely complement the work she was already doing with her clients, her family and friends. Since being with Young Living she has grown her team to over 2000 members worldwide and has been trained in a variety of holistic techniques through Young Living which include the use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, such as Raindrop Technique, Vita Flex Technique, Neuro Auricular Technique, Emotional Release work, Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils and now holds regular classes and workshops on how to integrate essential oils into one’s everyday life for many of their heath and wellness needs.


 Danella HeslerMilica Jelenic

Danella Hesler  D.N.M., M.T.T Over the past 16 years in Hastings County Danella has taught  the Mitzvah Technique to a large number of students, 5 of whom have graduated. This makes Hastings County now equal to Toronto for practicing Mitzvah Teachers. Mitzvah was just the beginning of a learning experience that is still in progress. She has received a Doctorate of Natural Medicine in 2007. Danella continues to takes courses in homeopathy, Radionics, and a diverse variety of energy work. Stop by her table and find out more about Back to Health Services! http://mitzvah.ca/index.php

Milica Jelenic has been doing intuitive readings using various tools such as tarot, tea leaves, and psychometry for over 15 years with the public.  During this time she has done readings in corporate and private settings.  Some of the corporate clients she has worked with at various events include CTV, CBC, Eatons, Holt Renfrew to name a few. She also works privately doing readings over the phone and in person.

Milica’s capacity for perceiving energy is very potent and has developed into various healing arts over the last 2 decades.  In 1997 Milica was initiated in the Usui system of Reiki and has since become a Reiki Master.  This basis for hands on energy work led her to gain an interest in other systems of energy work that are available.  In 2012 Milica was trained in the BARS from Access Consciousness and is now certified to facilitate BARS and Body Processes classes from Access Consciousness. Bars has assisted thousands of people change many aspects of their body, and their life including sleep, health and weight, money, sex and relationship, anxiety, stress and so much more! This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change! How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be?

Milica is also a Mitzvah Technique teacher and studied under Danella Hesler.

three oaks
Three Oaks was founded in 1986 and is a non profit agency which is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

They also receive generous donations and support from local communities which they are grateful for. The shelter has 16 beds and is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week. A variety of services are offered to women and children that include a 24-hour emergency crisis line, safety planning, outreach counselling and transitional/court support. The Outreach Children’s Program offers one to one counseling and groups to children that witness abuse. The Training and Education Program provides presentations and education on abuse and related topics to the community. Services are offered in Hastings & Prince Edward County.

KatharineGrace Logo_StudioGrace

Katharine Grace:

After 35 years within the confines of the commercial art field Katharine yearned to produce art that was an expression her instinctive creativity…  a joyful bound into the realm of purposelessness… art with no other purpose than to be pleasing to the eye, the heart and the soul.  The result is a line of jewellery that celebrates the depth of feminine beauty. It is simple and elegant in its joyful purposelessness: an expression of emotion, playfulness, courage, joy, strength and spirituality to be worn for no other reason than to be enjoyed. Each piece is created in the mindful space of the heart that each woman possesses and is blessed and cleansed with the power of light and love.

Learn more about Katharine:

visit http://www.studiograce.ca/


Janice Gannon

Janice Gannon
Janice Gannon is an honours graduate of the Shiatsu School of Canada, located in Toronto.  This 2200 hour full time program includes courses in anatomy, pathology, and Chinese medicine as well as hundreds of hours of clinical practice supervised by knowledgeable instructors.  Janice graduated in 1995. Book your mini session and enjoy deep relaxation!

Sherry 2016

Sherry Dracup – Reiki Master/Teacher/Student

Owner: Circle of Love and Light – Reiki

Born and raised in Stirling, Ontario, Sherry has always had a curiosity for Spirit/Energy and the Spirit world.  Life experiences and some challenging paths led Sherry in search of something more.  An unavoidable pull from within led the way to classes, books, meditation groups, amazing people and so much more.

Sherry is passionate about self-healing and assisting others to begin their own personal journey from within.  One of the hardest lessons to master is self-Love; the most powerful gift we can give not only to ourselves but to those we meet along our path.

Sherry hosts meditation circles and sharing circles in her home along with Reiki sessions and classes.  She recently completed Level II multi-disciplinary palliative care course to compliment her practice for those facing life threatening illnesses for both patient and family.  She continue to open her heart to all who seek a state of inner peace and freedom regardless of age, back ground or life experience.

How may she be of service?

Visit Sherry’s website: www.reikicircle of loveandlight.com

Email: sdcircleofloveandlight@gmail.com


Ellen Williams, the owner-operator of On Beacon Ridge Academy for Conscious Living, is a Reiki Master, a Crystal Healing Master, and a Toastmaster, among others, offering healing and educational sessions in her home. An A Course in Miracles discussion group meets in her home every Tuesday afternoon during the winter months from 1 pm to 3pm. All are welcome. For more information please call 613-478-1524.

At this event, Ellen will be clearing out her wearable Orgonite to make way for new designs and will be offering mini Reiki sessions and Crystal Chakra clearing sessions for $20 each.




Wendy Hudson is a teacher and co-owner of the newly opened The Ravens Cache in Madoc.  This home based business offers handcrafted pieces and products for home, garden and self all made either on the premises or from the surrounding area.

Wendy is also an Independent  Distributor of Nature’s Sunshine products: high quality herbs, supplements, essential oils, weigh management and more.  She has been working with these products for more than twenty years.  Wendy has a passion for natural health and wellness and enjoys nothing more than to share her experiences and knowledge with you.  Be sure to visit Wendy’s booth to see and learn for yourself all about these wonderful products.




A1 Gluten Free Gals is a dedicated gluten free bakery owned by Marilyn Leaver.  She will be serving up some wonderful muffins, tarts and special lunches.

Marilyn has a passion to provide a gluten free product that tastes great.  Marilyn  felt the frustration to find great tasting gluten free products as members of her family have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This began her journey to help others going through similar situations.

Marilyn believes that everyone diagnosed with Celiac Disease, have gluten allergies or are choosing a gluten free lifestyle should have the option to have a healthy and delicious choice of gluten free products.  As time goes on, learning special techniques to have moist and delicious product has been very successful. Marilyn is not stopping at that, she is creating more variety of sweet and  savoury treats that will be safe for everyone gluten free.