Stories To Share-2013

Eleanor Cheyne.

Lisa Perry

This inspiring woman volunteers her time through community care in Havelock twice a week. Eleanor runs a wellness and exercise program every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the town hall from 10am – 11am.

This amazing woman is teaching the class about health, wellness, energy, proper exercise in an inspiring and entertaining way. As a group there has been a combined weight loss of over 100 pounds but way beyond that Eleanor is explaining about energy and how it impacts our lives in a very simple, easy to understand way. Eleanor has improved our lives not only by getting us active but explaining how each exercise affects each part of the body and the importance of proper form and going at your exercise level to avoid injury.

Eleanor has introduced in a very gentle, non-invasive way how the universal energy works, the importance of paying attention to your thoughts and turning negative thoughts into positive, stepping outside of the box of your comfort zone and how and what you eat affects every aspect of your life. She has introduced to the class meditation, journaling, yoga and energy tools. She has a valuable talent to explain things in a way that makes people feel comfortable and has a great sense of humour that keeps people interested and focused on her teachings.

Eleanor uses her resources and knowledge to introduce healthy foods and recipes by holding “food feasts” in which she prepares healthy meals and introduces juicing and blending and the health benefits. This has grown to more “food feast” events where members of the class are encouraged to bring in their own meals and share the recipes.

Eleanor encourages everyone to go at their own pace and introduce the things they have learned when they feel they are ready for it. She always makes herself available to answer any questions or listen to any concerns or achievements either in class or by email. People go to the class because of Eleanor. She has helped changed my life exponentially for the better and I know from talking to many members of the class that she is improving their lives in many ways as well. In this small little town one woman is having a positive influence that will continue to grow and spread out to impact many others in a positive direction. Thank you


Thank you Grandmothers, Mother:

Janice Chrysler

To narrow it down to a particular woman who has inspired me on my life’s journey would be difficult as there really have been so many. At every stage of my life I have had the honour of meeting some very extraordinary women who were able to influence me on so many levels.  Sometimes I knew them personally as my family and friends and coworkers and then there were the women I often admired from a distance as I watched them protest, speak up and take a stand on equal rights and demanding changes in our world.  Then there were and are the women who work silently sending love and healing to all around them with no fanfare from anyone. Each has provided an insight and influence in my life and helped to shape me into the woman I am today. The women who I have met over my most recent journey as a healer, student and teacher of spirituality have become so woven into my life that it becomes hard to see where their connection begins and ends with mine.

My grandmothers and my mother may not even have realized just how much I watched and learned from their every words and even more so from their actions.  All showed me a faith in the Divine, which was much greater than any dogma of any religion. They allowed me to speak my mind, ask questions and did not judge my opinions or logic.  Both my grandmothers were very independent women who were able to make the most out of any situation without complaint or criticism.  My mother took on this trait and taught me to always look on the brighter side of things no matter what and to pick my battles. Through their examples I learned to me a wife, mother and grandmother.  By telling their stories I learned how far women had come in ways of equal rights and how very much farther we have to go; laws may have been changed but changing the mind set of the country is something again.  Through my daughter I have learned determination and finding inner strength.  My granddaughter reminds me to see things through the innocence of a child, to be free and take life on without fear.

Thank you to all the wonderful, loving women in my life for giving me the most valuable gifts of all; the gifts of unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness.  May I continue this legacy and be the positive influence for some other young women.


The Women in My Life

By Dawn Beckford

As I sit down to think about the women who have inspired me through out my life, I realize that I have been very lucky. I could never name them all, it would take up too much room. My Mother and Mother-in-Law are 2 of the strongest ladies I know. Then there are my 4 daughters who faced the possibility of growing up with me. But I have a group of friends who I can depend on. We all come from different backgrounds and our age difference is great. We meet every Tuesday Evening for Meditation. There is always hot tea and sometime a delicious snack. These women (and sometimes a man or 2) are always there when we have something to share, whether its good or bad. We laugh and cry together and give advice only when asked. Some are there every week and some only when they can. Its wonderful to be able to be with a group of people and there is no judgement, no questions, just acceptance. Thank you to all who are a part or have been apart of my Tuesday nights.


My Mom

Laurane Schofield

As we near International Women’s Day I would like to honour the memory of my beautiful mother, Doris Munce. It will be 2 years this week that mum left her earthly body but she has lived on in my heart always. Thanks you for everything you shared with me & the unique way that you delighted the world with your presence. I love you dearly and miss you just as much.

Lauran and Mom


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