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After feeling "the call" to assist others on their life's journey, I started up Mindful Journey, which includes services such as private and group sessions in hypnotherapy, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching. I feel as though I am following my path the most when leading workshops, meditation classes and seminars on self-growth and empowerment. I am blessed to have a wonderful meditation group who through their support and encouragement I now am pushing forward to train others to facilitate their own Healing Circles.

March 03rd, 2018

This date may seem like a long way off yet but things will soon be getting started to shape up Women in Wellness 2018.  Newsletters will be going out to all the amazing women who made 2017 the spectacular event … Continue reading

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March 04th, 2017

At Women in Wellness this year was all about having fun! We had amazing practitioners, readers, and vendors all there to help you bring joy into your life through sessions, education and of course selling some awesome make you feel good … Continue reading

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Think One Person Can’t Make A Difference?

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